Why a Continuation of Table Talk?

From March 1986 February 1990, I wrote a monthly newsletter called Table Talk—named for Martin Luther’s conversations with his students and disciples. In 1990 I became Editorial Director of Creation House Books, and three years later began collaborating (ghostwriting) on projects. Over the last 25 years, I’ve buried myself in collaborations with various Christian leaders on missionary books and blogs—primarily Steve Murrell, Ferdie Cabling, Jun Escosar, Gregg Tipton, Mike Bickle, Brian Church, and a few others—as well as 12 years of monthly blog posts with Charitable-Estate-Planning consultant, Eddie Thompson. Ghostwriting or collaborations can be very rewarding work, especially if you don’t care who gets the credit, which I never have. For me, it's always been about the privilege of telling the best stories, and that's usually someone else's story.

I’ve wrestled with the idea of resurrecting this publication and posting a few Table Talk articles. However, relaxed mornings with Linda or having meaningful conversations with some of our children and grandchildren on the family farm have far more appeal to me than signing up for another writing project. In this one relatively insignificant way, I feel like the great George Washington, who longed to retire from public life and "remain ensconced under his vine and fig tree." I too would love to spend time reading great literary works. I’m on record as declaring, “I'm not writing any more books!” We’ll see if that lasts.

Consequently, I am a very reluctant blogger who has repeatedly questioned the motives behind relaunching Table Talk. Am I trying to resurrect a ministry and a calling that existed a great many years ago? And who would my audience be after all this time? So, instead of dreaming about ways to expand my readership, what resonates with me is becoming more focused and more intentional about my core audience. It boils down to this:

Table Talk posts are written versions of the devotionals I lead on Monday nights around our dinner table. That is my one and only target audience.

There are a few individuals I've invited to join our little table talks, primarily those with whom I’ve felt a genuine sense of community—immediate family, alumni from the 1971 Jesus Movement at the University of Tennessee at Martin, Maranatha discipleship groups in various locations, and  a few key members of Every Nation-Victory churches worldwide. Some of those I taught and discipled, others inspired and discipled me. In the final analysis, we discipled each other more than anything else.

If you are one of those and did not receive an invite, it's probably because I don't have your contact information. If you know others who would like to "sit in" on our little family devotions, feel free to forward the blog or the link to below FOLLOW link below. The primary topics are 1) generous giving, the dynamics of multigenerational families, and discipleship in an increasingly toxic cultural. These topics highlight what I considered to be some of unfinished business of discipleship.

This is no farewell address, though I have recently become a septuagenarian (70+ years). I asked my youngest granddaughter if she knew what a septuagenarian was.

“Is that ahh… like a dinosaur?” she asked.

“Yes, Clara,” I replied. “Like a very old dinosaur.”

Love and blessings to you all,

Walter & Linda Walker