Memphis, TN —1976. Walter & Linda in 1976 standing beside our new ride. Hit by a train, it was put together with a Mercury Comet back end and a Ford Maverick on the front. Bartered for the car by painting a lady's house. 

    Anyone finding their way to this blog site is most probably someone with whom we've had a previous relationship. I've only sent FOLLOW invitations to people we know, or at least only those in my limited contact list. Unfortunately, I'm not very much of a stay-in-touch kind of guy. I always wished I had been more like my longtime friends Brady Clark, Barry Scott, Steve Murrell, or my sister, Kate. Together, they have been my go-to sources for almost everyone we've ever known. That being said, Linda and I have very fond memories of all the people with whom we've met and served with over the last 50+ years.

Recent Update

    After sending our youngest, John, off to the University of North Florida, Linda and I moved to Franklin, TN, in 2005. John's two older sisters, Anna and Jennie, had both graduated from Florida State University. From those three, we now have eleven grandchildren, ages ranging 2-18 years. 

We are in the process of building a house (off the grid) and moving to Fayetteville, TN, a small town 1:15 south of Franklin and 30 minutes north of Huntsville. Spring 2024 is our completion date. This will almost certainly be our last move. Relocating to the 76-acre property in small-town-Tennessee will be both a blessing and a challenge—the blessing being living a stone's throw from one group of our children and grandchildren; the challenge being how to become an effective witness for Christ in a rural farming community. So, we will soon be launching our next adventure.